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Welcome to Purple Blog from Purple Chord ! 

Updates on new arrivals and events at Purple Chord, Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

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New in this week ....Istanbul Agop and Hollywood by Meazzi @ Purple Chord

NEW IN THIS WEEK @ Purple Chord ... We have been busy replenishing and updating our inventory....



Istanbul Agop Cymbals

We have refreshed our stock of Istanbul Agop cymbals .... all series and sizes...  highlights include 30th Anniversary, OmMantra Cindy Blackman, Mel Lewis, Special Edition and the newly issued Xist Dark Ion and Sterling series.



... And for something different but super classic... 

Proud of the Italian drum making heritagePurple Chord is working its magic on this Hollywood Meazzi Golden Sound drum kit.

Manufacturing out of Milan during the 1960's and 1970's, Meazzi were regarded as true innovators in their time.. This fantastic and beautiful kit has a poplar wood shell with a stunning finish, similar to Ludwig's black oyster pearl ... it has a silky black vinyl appearance and it's got a deep warm resonance.  Shell sizes are 20", 13", 16" plus snare drum.  Watch the website for final details.

In the meantime, we are giving it the full Purple Chord special treatment that is due to such a marvel...  Purple_Chord_workshop


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Did you know? .... Purple Chord has 250 classic and vintage Paiste cymbals in stock and on sale ....

We've been busy uploading new products to our webshop, including many NOS and vintage Paiste... it's an exciting process ....  

Classic_Paiste_for_sale__Purple_ChordOnly counting Purple Chord's Paiste collection, we have 250 Paiste cymbals, from across the top professional seriesnow available in our shop and to view and demo in our showroom in Aalsmeer....  

Every cymbal is lovingly cleaned and prepared on arrival at Purple Chord. Some arrive in fantastic, almost mint condition, so they speak for themselves in terms of quality, style and sound....

.... then we photograph them in our showroom.  Sometimes we make short sound clips for upload on our YouTube page. 

....The product is ready for uploading to our social media plaftorms (Facebook and Instagram) and our webshop...  and to share with all those Paiste and Purple Chord fans out there... 

Finally we mount the cymbal to display and test in our showroom; it's the best way to understand the sound that you want to achieve and to appreciate their complexity and characteristics. 

Of course, Beppe is always available to offer advice on any given cymbal or drum in our portfolio, if you can't make it to the showroom in person.

Purple Chord Showroom
243K Aalsmeerderweg
Aalsmeer, NL 
Call for a consultation or a visit
T: +31 (0)6 29 03 11 41

Email :









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Congratulations !! … it was officially Blue Monday today….you survived!


Congratulations !! … it was officially Blue Monday today….and you survived...  using this simple formula ....

[W + (D-d)] x TQ
       M x NA

W = weather, d = debt, T = Time since Christmas, Q = time since failing our New Year’s resolutions, M = low motivational levels, N= low motivational levels

.......scientists have calculated that today was the most depressing day of the year.  Good to know! 

But don’t worryyou can cheer yourself up at

Yes, it was Blue Monday at Purple Chord too but there is lots to love and be happy about… and if you want to break one of your New Year's Resolutions – maybe you promised your loved one that you wouldn’t buy another cymbal, snare or kit before Easter… now is an excellent time to do it! 

Here are some Blue highlights currently in stock and available:

Ludwig Club Date SE Drum Kit 20"- 14"- 12", bowling ball finish from 2012  - 975 Euro

Ludwig 1965 ‘’classic’’ snare drum 14" x 5.5", Blue sparkle – 700 Euro

Ludwig 1960 -1962 5” x 14” Blue Sparkle snare drum – 450 Euro

1960’s Olympic snare drum model 100 14” x 5.5”- 200 Euro

Paiste 602 18” Medium Flat ride blue logo from 1982 – 220 Euro

Paiste 602 20” Medium Ride blue logo from 1981 – 250 Euro

Paiste 602 18” Medium Flat ride blue logo from 1982 – 220 Euro

Ludwig 1969 bass drum 20”x 14", sky blue pearl finish – 975 Euro

Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove 4 pc set in Azure blue sparkle – 499 Euro

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Why come to Purple Chord to buy that special drum, kit or cymbal ?

Purple Chord is a unique proposition for many drummers.  Here are some reasons to come to Purple Chord to buy that special drum, kit or cymbal ....

  1. Trust - we guarantee that our products are in excellent, refurbished condition.  We provide clear product descriptions, photographs and sound bites to give our online customers the most rounded impression of the instrument they are interested in.
  2. Rapid response - we provide quick reactions to all our customer's questions.  You can contact us quickly through our website.
  3. Advice and consultation - Beppe is always available to offer his advice on a particular product, its sound quality, general appearance and character.  
  4. Uniqueness - we have one of the largest and most important collections for sale, of vintage Paiste cymbals in Europe... and we are constantly adding to it.  We are always on the look out for new gems - those Made in America classic drums and kits... We are continuously updating our inventory. 
  5. Pricing - we price our products fairly.  Yes, on some price points we can be expensive compared to certain larger musical instrument vendors... BUT what Purple Chord offers to its customers is a very specialised and personalised experience, combined with high quality, unique products that are not always easy to source elsewhere.  
  6. Shipping - we ship mostly via TNT Post NL.  Our shipping rates are governed by their rates on parcel delivery.  ALL our products are sent with International Insured Delivery and Signature Delivery.  This is included in the price you see when you shop for a product.  We don't have many shipping issues, but you can be sure that if something does go wrong, we can track and trace the delivery and resolve the problem. If you live in The Netherlands you can benefit from Free Shipping up to 5 kilos in weight, or you can pass by to the showroom. 
  7. Rights of withdrawal - If you change your mind about a product, we understand.  If you live within the EU you are entitled to return your product within 14 days of receiving it. 
  8. Finally ... The Purple Chord Showroom - in 2017, Beppe and his wife Fiona set up the Purple Chord Showroom in Aaslmeer.  If you are a customer in The Netherlands, or nearby in Belgium or Germany - why not call for an appointment or drop by to try a drum, kit or cymbal. We are open 6 days a week for advice, consultation and viewing. 
    ....Seeing is believing after all....
    ​                                              Visit our webshop


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Wishing our drummers a Happy and Prosperous New Year .... from Purple Chord

We would like to wish to all our loyal customers, friends and followers a wonderful and prosperous 2018 ....

Why not benefit from our Free Shipping within Europe Offer on ALL drum kits, snares, cymbals , hardware and accessories until January 6th.

Purple Chord has lots of exciting plans and events for the year ahead .... 

  1. More of your (and our) favourites.....vintage Paiste cymbals across all series, classic 60s and 70s era drum kits from the best of Ludwig, Ludwig Supraphonics, "the sound that fueled the most hit recordings in history.... the snare choice of the pros...", more choice across the Istanbul AGOP and Bosphorus ranges ....
    .... Let us know what you want to see more of? 
  2. Workshops and live demonstrations by some of our professional drummer friends at our Purple Chord location in Aalsmeer
  3. A Paiste Event for all the Paiste fans
  4. More products available on our webshop at competitive prices
  5. A newsletter with regular updates on news and events at Purple Chord
  6. Select offers to our loyal and best customers

.....Purple Chord would like to thank you all for your loyal friendship.  We look forward to sharing these exciting developments with you in 2018.


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It's Christmas at Purple Chord!

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We would like to wish to all our drummer friends a Rockin' Good Christmas from Purple Chord...

Still looking for Christmas present ideas to give to your favourite drummer or even to yourself?

We are offering free shipping in Europe until 6th January on all our products, including hardware and drum kits...  Take advantage of this special event to treat yourself or loved one to a marvelous "new" vintage classic drum kit, snare drum or cymbal.

As we close 2017 at Purple Chord, we look back on an exciting year of many changes.... we look forward to many more interesting developments in 2018 and making lots of new friends..... enjoy your holidays and keep on rocking....


...from the team at Purple Chord

....Beppe, Fiona and Martins

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Mārtiņš Kursītis joins the Purple Chord team

Read entire post: Mārtiņš Kursītis joins the Purple Chord team

Mārtiņš has recently joined the Purple Chord team on a part-time basis.  Mārtiņš is a young drummer from Latvia. He is currently attending the The Utrechts Conservatorium, a Conservatory of Music in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  

Martins_780__Kursitis__Purple_Chord"I am very lucky and glad to work in the Purple chord team. It is a ''Candy store'' for drummers, with everything you need to combine the perfect drum set.

I am a drum geek and I am learning a lot about drums, especially vintage.

For vintage drums, Purple Chord is paying attention to details and getting them as right as possible.

Beppe is an expert . He is always seeking more information. I am grateful to learn from him and with him."

Mārtiņš is a great addition to the Purple Chord team as we grow our portfolio of beautiful products.  

He combines a genuine passion and enthusiasm for drums and cymbals with a practical working knowledge and willingness to learn.  He perfectly represents what Purple Chord is all about ! Martins_and_Beppe_Quiroli @_Purple_Chord

Come down to the Purple Chord showroom to meet the Purple Chord Team. 

Come to see, try and play our beautiful instruments.   

Our doors are open Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00 or visit our website at



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An exciting and eventful month @ Purple Chord

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October has been an interesting and exciting month for Purple Chord.

Not only have we been busy launching our new Purple Chord website, we have received some exciting visits from drummers and musicians based in the The Netherlands, Italy and Germany

We love the spirit of internationalism - our business is aimed at the international market - and we love developing relationships and collaborations with other drummers and musicians who share our passion and love of vintage and classic drums and cymbals

We established our showroom in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, with some clear objectives in mind.  We wanted to set up an environment to show and demonstrate our lovely products.   Whilst our website is our shop.... our showroom is the "chocolate box" or "candy store" , to quote one of our followers...

Our aim is to stock high quality, well-conditioned, and very playable instruments for the discerning drummer.  Whilst the majority of our portfolio is vintage, we also love the resurgence of modern drums and cymbals in the vintage mould, harking back to the classic era.

This month we have received visits from The Moonshine Brand, a psychedelic rock group based in Germany, who are looking for a vintage sound as they go into the studio to record in November; Giorgio Ranciaro, a great drummer and friend to Purple Chord, Luca Casagranda, a talented drummer and teacher at the Accademia Muscia Moderna in Milan, and Giacomo Del Torre to name a few. 





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Introducing the new Purple Blog by Purple Chord

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Welcome to the new Purple Blog from Purple Chord, Classic Drums and Cymbals !ls

Our first blog is aimed at providing a bit of background about Purple Chord - our philosophy, our passion, and what we have set out to achieve for our clients. 

Purple Chord is a product of Beppe Quiroli's passion for classic and vintage Ludwig drums and Paiste cymbals.  

Beppe fell in love with vintage Ludwig and Paiste many years ago, thanks to the deep friendship of a dear departed, and never forgotten friend and mentor, Antonio "Tony Blanco".

Antonio was an exquisite drummer, with expert knowledge of drums.  Antonio inspired Beppe to not only take up drumming himself, but also to learn more about the craftwork that lies behind a classic drum, to understand its simplicity and fineness. 


Purple Chord Timeline

In 2009, Beppe had the great honour to join the Ludwig 100th Anniversary Road Show, on their Dutch leg, showing his vintage collection and sharing the stage with William "Bill" Ludwig III

In 2014, Beppe established Purple Chord with his wife, Fiona, consolidating his passion with his experience in sales and marketing. 

In 2017, Purple Chord acquired a showroom in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, to exhibit and demonstrate products. 

Our aim

We source and sell key collectable pieces from the classic era of Ludwig and Paiste productions.  

To complement the deep heritage of Ludwig and Paiste, we have introduced Istanbul Agop into our portfolio - we are now official dealer in The Netherlands - as well as other major and important brands such as Rogers, Slingerland, Premier, Bosphorus for cymbals, to name a few. 

Our buyers are amateur and professional drummers, all with a love of classic and vintage instruments. 

Interested to know more...?

Why not come down and visit the Purple Chord Showroom in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
We are 10 minutes from Schipol International Airport and a 20 minute drive from central Amsterdam.

 Keep updated about new arrivals and the impressive inventory we have available on our website! 

We are continuously adding to this and have a lot of stock...


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