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Welcome to Purple Blog from Purple Chord ! 

Updates on new arrivals and events at Purple Chord, Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

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Play safe, stay safe with Purple Chord

It's been a difficult couple of months for many of us.  The music business is impacted in its own particular way - gigs have been cancelled, musicians cannot record in the studio, travel isn't possible, festivals are deleted from the calendar this summer, music schools are closed and teachers can no longer deliver lessons face-to-face.  Luckily for many of us, we can still keep on playing in our own homes and creating music to share online.   Everyone is getting more creative, and there is a spirit of sharing and giving which is fantasic to see. Play_safe_Stay_Safe with Purple Chord

Here at Purple Chord, whilst our showroom might be closed temporarily, the work to present to you an amazing stock of classic drums and cymbals continues.  Thanks to the fantastic services of UPS and other delivery channels, we are still operational both in receiving and sending products. 

We are using this time to continue our various renovation projects, to enrich our inventory of beautiful instruments, and to keep spirits alive with the joy that a unique and classic drum or cymbal can inspire.  

We take great pleasure in sharing our news with you all and look forward to receiving your visits in our showroom in the near future. 

In the meantime, we are continuously uploading new products to our website.

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we are working on.  We can make videos and sound clips of anything you like.  

Via UPS we can ship worldwide at reasonable cost and with guaranteed safe and efficient delivery. 

Play safe, stay safe at Purple Chord.  


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Making drummers' dreams come true .... find your perfect wish-list drum kit at Purple Chord

Classic_drum_sets_at_Purple_ChordWhether you are a jazz drummer, a classic rock drummer, an amateur or professional, at Purple Chord we aim to meet your needs. 

From classic vintage era drum brands like Ludwig (our personal favourite), Slingerland, Rogers, Olympic, Premier, Gretsch to modern classics like Yamaha, Remo, Sonor and DW, Purple Chord offers range, value and excellence in sound quality with a retro feel.  

Showroom_June_2019_Paiste_displayAll our drums are beautifully re-conditioned, where possible using original parts, and re-tuned to recreate a special and unique sound

Purple Chord is not your average mass market drum store or anonymous webshop, we offer a customer oriented service; we consult with you on what you are looking for and we aim to match that. 

If you are a drummer who wants to not only touch history but play it too, then Purple Chord is the place to come.  

And this is just the drums... we have an almost unbeatable selection of vintage and classic cymbals, including one of the leading collections of vintage Paiste in Europe, and that's just the beginning...

Visit our showroom in Aalsmeer to try and see our beautiful instruments. 

Find out more about what's new in the showroom. 

We ship internationally using UPS. We guarantee safe delivery in excellent time wherever you are in the world.

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Purple Chord is at Jazz in het Dorp - 1st September 2019

logo-LOGO_13_Jazz_in_het_DorpPowered by Logo_version_8

Purple Chord is really pleased and proud to be sponsoring the 6th edition of Jazz in het Dorp on 1st September 2019.   

Jazz in het Dorp is a annual open air music event, taking place in the beautiful old village (Oude Dorp) of Amstelveen, the Netherlands.  It's becoming an important date on the Dutch music calendar. The genre is Jazz and Blues which, of course, fits perfectly with Purple Chord's classic and vintage drums and cymbals

This year's event promises to be bigger and better, with 7 podiums and a full programme of music across the whole day, with some 20 live acts performing on-stage and at three music points set up around the village. 

Purple Chord will be there on the day! Purple Chord is powering three stages at the event with three of our beautiful classic drum kits.  Where better to showcase the fantastic sound and look of our high quality instruments. 

For those of you in the Netherlands, this is a great event to visit, and for those visiting Amsterdam, Amstelveen is just a 10 minute drive from Schiphol airport and 20 minutes out of the city centre. 

Come down to listen to some great live music and to say hello! ... and while you are there drink some nice local beers and enjoy the fantastic catering on offer at the event!  


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2019 is here .... Purple Chord announces another exciting year ahead...


Purple Chord wishes all our fans and followers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019.... 

On this first official day of work, after what seems like an eternity of Christmas and Seasonal celebrations, the team at Purple Chord is excited and exhilerated by the year ahead... 

Previewing some of Purple Chord's new plans in 2019...

  • To propose a continuously changing and dynamic supply of unique and specialist drums and cymbals, offering our customers access to the best of the classic A-brands, series and models produced, at excellent value for quality;  
  • To launch a new and better website in early 2019;
  • To create an exciting experience at the Purple Chord showroom in Aalsmeer, where our customers can view and try our growing collection of drums, snares, kits and cymbals. 

...Watch our facebook page for updates on new arrivals and new projects...

See you soon!


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Purple Chord wishes all its fans and followers a very Merry Christmas!

Another year has passed at Purple Chord and to celebrate all that is great and good in the vintage and classic drum world....
we would like to wish our dedicated fans and followers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  

The New Year will bring a lot of new evolutions at Purple Chord including
more exciting additions to our ever growing selection of classic and vintage drums and cymbals.. 

Watch our posts and website for news and updates. 

In the meantime, enjoy this festive season with family and friends and keep on drumming!


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It's Purple Week at Purple Chord.... Announcing our latest free shipping offer...

Purple_Week_Free_Shipping_offer_at_Purple_ChordDon't wait for Black Friday when it's Purple Week at Purple Chord Classic Drums & Cymbals? 

We are offering free shipping in Europe and the Netherlands on snares, cymbals, spare parts and accessories. 

You can benefit from free shipping anywhere within the European Union, up to and including Sunday 25th November.  

Step into our shop at and see some of the wonders on offer ...

...our great collection of vintage, pre-owned SNARES and LOOSE DRUMS; a vast and extensive inventory of CYMBALS, including our unbeatable range of vintage PaisteZildjian and new Istanbul AgopBosphorus and Impression cymbals.

www.purplechord.com_QR_codeDon't hesitate too long... our Purple Week free shipping offer ends at 12pm on Sunday 25th November.

Happy Purple Week !



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The sun is still shining - extended summer sale on now at Purple Chord!

Lets_rock_sales_..._special_offers_at_Purple_Chord.... The sun is still shining .... extended summer sale until July 22nd..

Visit our new Special Offers page to see selected products at discounted prices ... such as this beautiful, unique Gretsch Drums Renown '57 Motor City Blue 6-pieces shellset and throne.... or a vintage classic like this 1965 Ludwig "Classic" blue sparkle snare drum 14" x 5,5" ....

We also propose a selection of cymbals from Paiste, Zildjian, and Istanbul, snares from Ludwig, Rogers, Premier, Sonor and Pearl, pre-owned drum sets from the Ludwig Accent range, and modern, custom made set from Highwood....

*  Free shipping on cymbals and snares in Europe until July 22nd *


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New in this week ....Istanbul Agop and Hollywood by Meazzi @ Purple Chord

NEW IN THIS WEEK @ Purple Chord ... We have been busy replenishing and updating our inventory....



Istanbul Agop Cymbals

We have refreshed our stock of Istanbul Agop cymbals .... all series and sizes...  highlights include 30th Anniversary, OmMantra Cindy Blackman, Mel Lewis, Special Edition and the newly issued Xist Dark Ion and Sterling series.



... And for something different but super classic... 

Proud of the Italian drum making heritagePurple Chord is working its magic on this Hollywood Meazzi Golden Sound drum kit.

Manufacturing out of Milan during the 1960's and 1970's, Meazzi were regarded as true innovators in their time.. This fantastic and beautiful kit has a poplar wood shell with a stunning finish, similar to Ludwig's black oyster pearl ... it has a silky black vinyl appearance and it's got a deep warm resonance.  Shell sizes are 20", 13", 16" plus snare drum.  Watch the website for final details.

In the meantime, we are giving it the full Purple Chord special treatment that is due to such a marvel...  Purple_Chord_workshop


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Did you know? .... Purple Chord has 250 classic and vintage Paiste cymbals in stock and on sale ....

We've been busy uploading new products to our webshop, including many NOS and vintage Paiste... it's an exciting process ....  

Classic_Paiste_for_sale__Purple_ChordOnly counting Purple Chord's Paiste collection, we have 250 Paiste cymbals, from across the top professional seriesnow available in our shop and to view and demo in our showroom in Aalsmeer....  

Every cymbal is lovingly cleaned and prepared on arrival at Purple Chord. Some arrive in fantastic, almost mint condition, so they speak for themselves in terms of quality, style and sound....

.... then we photograph them in our showroom.  Sometimes we make short sound clips for upload on our YouTube page. 

....The product is ready for uploading to our social media plaftorms (Facebook and Instagram) and our webshop...  and to share with all those Paiste and Purple Chord fans out there... 

Finally we mount the cymbal to display and test in our showroom; it's the best way to understand the sound that you want to achieve and to appreciate their complexity and characteristics. 

Of course, Beppe is always available to offer advice on any given cymbal or drum in our portfolio, if you can't make it to the showroom in person.

Purple Chord Showroom
243K Aalsmeerderweg
Aalsmeer, NL 
Call for a consultation or a visit
T: +31 (0)6 29 03 11 41

Email :









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Congratulations !! … it was officially Blue Monday today….you survived!


Congratulations !! … it was officially Blue Monday today….and you survived...  using this simple formula ....

[W + (D-d)] x TQ
       M x NA

W = weather, d = debt, T = Time since Christmas, Q = time since failing our New Year’s resolutions, M = low motivational levels, N= low motivational levels

.......scientists have calculated that today was the most depressing day of the year.  Good to know! 

But don’t worryyou can cheer yourself up at

Yes, it was Blue Monday at Purple Chord too but there is lots to love and be happy about… and if you want to break one of your New Year's Resolutions – maybe you promised your loved one that you wouldn’t buy another cymbal, snare or kit before Easter… now is an excellent time to do it! 

Here are some Blue highlights currently in stock and available:

Ludwig Club Date SE Drum Kit 20"- 14"- 12", bowling ball finish from 2012  - 975 Euro

Ludwig 1965 ‘’classic’’ snare drum 14" x 5.5", Blue sparkle – 700 Euro

Ludwig 1960 -1962 5” x 14” Blue Sparkle snare drum – 450 Euro

1960’s Olympic snare drum model 100 14” x 5.5”- 200 Euro

Paiste 602 18” Medium Flat ride blue logo from 1982 – 220 Euro

Paiste 602 20” Medium Ride blue logo from 1981 – 250 Euro

Paiste 602 18” Medium Flat ride blue logo from 1982 – 220 Euro

Ludwig 1969 bass drum 20”x 14", sky blue pearl finish – 975 Euro

Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove 4 pc set in Azure blue sparkle – 499 Euro

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