15" Rodjian Roth Sound Edge Hi-Hat cymbals set 1202 - 1042 grams

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15" Rodjian Roth Sound Edge Hi-Hat cymbals set 1202 - 1042 grams

Excellent condition for this quite rare to find pair 

This is the highest quality you can find in cymbals coming from East Germany

Extract from a forum:

"I don't think it is bronze. I think it is cast yellow brass, which makes it the only one I know of,like that. It had numerous dents along the edge----about 25 or so , which you hardly ever see on a cast bronze cymbal. They were easy to straighten, which indicates that it is a more malleable metal than bronze.
It looks to me ,like the East Germans were trying to make a decent cymbal but for some reason unknown( likely economic-----although I don't know ,whether brass is cheaper to make and pour than bronze-----maybe they had lots of scrap), they chose brass over bronze. It even smells like brass. It is a decent ride cymbal, closest to a K ,if I had to describe it. It has a little of the tinniness and ring that characterises brass or B8 cymbals but the undertones are distant and dark."

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