1964-67 Ludwig drumset 20"-12"-16", Sky Blue Pearl, 3-ply


1964-67 Ludwig drumset 20"-12"-16", Sky Blue Pearl, 3-ply

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1964-67 Ludwig drumset 20"-12"-16", Sky Blue Pearl

Excellent condition drum set coming from the classic golden age of Ludwig drums. A great sounding and classy kit!

Bass drum: 20" x 14".....Keystone serial number # 538203 from 1967
Tom: 12" x 8"          .....Keystone serial number # 537758 from 1967
Floor Tom: 16" x 16".....Keystone serial number # 281962 from 1964

The tom and the bass drum were one set. The floor tom's wrap is slightly darker than the other two drums

3-ply shells mahogany-poplar-mahogany with reinforcement hoops in maple.

All original Ludwig parts in absolutely great condition. 

Remo Ambassador coated batter heads and Remo Ambassador clear as resonant for the tom and the floor tom. White painted interior

New Ludwig resonant head with script logo for the bass drum and vintage Remo Powerstroke 3 coated as batter head

Original damper baseball bats are included, original tom holder Rail Consolette

The entire hardware set and the shells have been properly cleaned and checked

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