1976 Ludwig 3-ply 26"-14"-16"-18" Drumkit Black Diamond Pearl

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1976 Ludwig 3-ply Black Diamond Pearl 26"-14"-16"-18" Drumkit

3-ply shells maple-poplar-maple with reinforcement rings

Very good condition, all original parts, 4 little extra holes on the bass drum as a rail consolette has been installed in the past. The holes have been filled and professionally covered with same black diamond pearl finish

Bass drum: 26" x 14", Tom: 14" x 10", Floor Tom: 16" x 16", Floor Tom: 18" x 16"

Pointed Blue Olive badges: #1030451, # 1079227, # 1130797, # 1009670

Heads: Remo Coated Emperor on batter side, Remo Clear Ambassador on resonant side

This is an extremely rare highly collectable drumset in great condition.



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