22" Paiste Dimensions Power Bell ride 3657 grams from 2000

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22" Paiste Dimensions Power Bell ride 3657 grams from 2000

Very rare and discontinued cymbal from Dimensions series

Serial number: # 00040170. The Dimensions series was a professional series produced between 1999 and 2005

This ride cymbal ranks up there with my ALL TIME favorite rides ever. It is a ping monster with a killer bell. I owned two of these and kick myself daily for getting rid of both of them. Very pingy with a controllable wash. A killer bell as indicated by name, but not ear splittingly piercing.

It is a very controllable ride that is great for Rock'n Roll and metal. Nicko McBrain used this ride cymbal for Brave New World/Rock in Rio and the Dance of Death Album. He ended up getting a 22" signature Bell ride made for him for the dance of death tour all the way up to todays powerslave. I now have the 2002 version of this ride and they are very similar with the addition of hammering on the bell and the underside being lathed.

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