Premier Resonator 22" - 13" - 14" - 16" Drumkit in Black Shadow finish

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Premier Resonator 22" - 13" - 14" - 16" Drumkit in Black Shadow finish

Very good condition, just few scratsches on the finish

Drum sizes:

Bass Drum: 22" x 16"

Tom: 13' x 10"

Tom: 14" x 11"

Floor Tom: 16" x 15"

The principles & design was developed with Premier, and so was born the Resonator; a drum set that had normal drum shells with a thinner 3 ply wooden ‘resonator’ liner sprung inside. The outer shell mounted all the hardware, leaving the resonant liner free to do its job as a smooth sound chamber, enhancing the drum’s projection.

In the early 1980’s Premier introduced the Black Shadow Resonator, which featured birch shells with the toms in power sizes, described as follows in the catalogue:  ‘the finish is unique; a black glass like surface is achieved in a special process that takes no less than 8 days to complete.

It captures the natural wood grain perfectly, wrapping it in a deep, dark shroud that subtly reflects and retracts ever changing hues of black with the shifting light.’ The first series of Black Shadow Resonators featured two sets of single lugs on the toms, but by the late 1980’s design had changed to flush braced lugs the length of the shell, in line with other Premier sets of the era.

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