Rogers Dyna-sonic Black Onyx 14" x 6,5" Beavertail lugs Wood Shell demo as new

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Rogers Dyna-sonic Black Onyx 14" x 6,5" Beavertail lugs Wood Shell 

Opened box, never played, with original box

Serrial number: # D2662

Dyna-Sonic Features:

  • Shell: Proprietary maple/poplar shell with reinforcement rings
  • Hoops: 10 lug - 1.6mm triple flanged batter and snare side hoop with snare gates
  • Lugs: The Classic, Timeless Beavertail Lug
  • Throw off: Round Clock face style strainer
  • Butt end: Clock face matching butt end
  • Snares: Floating snare rail system with 20 strand snare wires
  • Badges: Rogers script logo badge, Dyna-Sonic Custom Built badge
  • Interior finish: Fruit wood stain interior

THIS is the drum that "couldn't be built". This is the drum that solved a problem that "couldn't be solved". Before Dyna-Sonic, you tightened the snares, and the snares choked the head. Dyna-Sonic changes all that. Because your snares ride on an exclusive floating snare frame. They ride with the snare head, never dampen it. There's no choking. There's never a snare slap.

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