Sonor Lite LD 547x MB Snare Drum 14" x 7¼" , Scandinavian Birch finish

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Sonor Lite LD 547x MB Snare Drum 14" x 7¼" Scandinavian Birch finish​, 12-ply birch from late 1980's

Extremely rare Sonorlite in most desireable Scandinavian birch finish in excellent condition

Finish: Scandinavian Birch MB, 12 ply

Serial Number # 4736, date printed inside the shell 501

LD 547x "Throw-off II", seamless rims from ferro manganese steel, snares with 24 strands, 20 tension screws, "Snap Lock" (pat.) oscillographically tuned batter and snare heads, adjustable external muffler, brand new Remo Ambassador coated batter head, Remo Ambassador Hazy snare side head

From Sonor Museum website:

"The Sonorlite drum shell is unique in several respects. It is made from Scaninavian Birch, which is also used in the production of aircraft. Its ratio of strength to weight is particularly favorable to percussion, so that a Sonorlite shell can be nearly 50% lighter than comparable shells. Snare drums and bass drums are 12-ply and measure 7mms, while tom tom and floor tom shells are 9-ply and measure 6mms."

"Sonorlite drums produce a warm, rich and modern sound. The balanced sound volume is achieved by special shell sizes. Every Sonorlite shell is veneered inside with selected plies of high-quality Scandinavian Birch, giving them the final touch to the sound."

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