Sonor Signature Horst Link BOP 18" - 10" - 14" Ebony Makassar drumkit heavy shells

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Sonor Signature Horst Link BOP 18" - 10" - 14" Ebony Makassar drumkit

Very good condition, some scratches.

it features original tom mount and cymbal arm

Drums sizes:

Bass drum: 18" x 16"

Tom: 10" x 10"

Floor Tom: 14" x 16"

The entire set has been dismounted, cleaned, checked, fitted with new Remo heads

The Signature Shell

The deep 12-ply shells are the core of the Signature sound. Due to this careful construction, every shell has a high flectional strength. Signature drums have newly designed extra deep shells, ensuring a perfectly balanced sound volume and projection.

The Signature Sound

The construction of the Signature Series drum shells is different that that of conventional drums. The 12-ply shells are formed tension free from selected woods. Tension free means that the single plies for a solid sound unity, thus allowing the drum head an optimum of vibration. All signature Series drums are available in two versions, giving the drummer a choice of two Signature sounds: Heavy or Lite. The Heavy shell made of beech with a thickness of 12mm produces a mellow and dry sound. The Lite shell, made of birch and only 7mm thick, has a sound more responsive and direct. The special dimension of the Lite shells ensure a more brilliant and transparent sound quality.

The Signature Finish

The inner and outer plies of a drum also have an influence on the sound. Because of their special structure and their outstanding acoustic properties, we chose African Bubinga and Indonesian Makassar Ebony. Firmly joined to the basic plies, they contribute to the balanced sound of the Signature Series." ...courtesy of

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