Sonor Signature Protean Snare Drum 14" x 5.25" Premium Gavin Harrison

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Sonor Signature Protean Snare Drum 14" x 5.25" Premium Gavin Harrison, SSD 14x5.25 GH PE

This is the luxury "Premium" version, complete with all accessories

Shell: birch. Finish: matte black


6 mm, incl. 2 x "Protean" tuning key, 3 x dampening ring, 1x wooden box incl. 1 x SW 1208 MS 05 "Spacer" and 1 x SW 1208/2 B "EQ", 1 x "Protean" purple Hardcase

The Signature Snare is handcrafted in Germany and will be offered in two sizes: 14" x 5.25"  and 12" x 5". They are made from 6-ply, premium hand-selected Birch wood to make a thin 6mm shell.
The timeless Silky Black finish is offset by white underlays between the chrome fittings and the shell.

Hybrid bearing edges - the Snare reintroduces the vintage round bearing edge on top which SONOR last produced in 1975. On the bottom a modern 45 degree bearing edge is featured.

Vintage lugs and hybrid hoops - Gavin‘s choice of lugs are the vintage Phonic lugs to add “mass” to the shell while eliminating stress from high tension. The Snares feature S-Hoops on the top side, and a special open, triple-flanged steel hoop on the bottom.

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